Play Call of Duty: Mobile on PC using Nox Emulator

COD Mobile emulator

COD mobile, as the name suggests, has been specifically designed for gamers on mobile phones but you can play COD Mobile on PC using Emulator.

COD Mobile one of the most popular games meant for Android phones. A shooter video game instantly catches the eyes of its users. The graphic design of the game is so slick that people tend to play matches over and over again. With multiplayer options available, you can connect with your friends and play with or against them. 

In order to play cod mobile on your PC, you are supposed to download some sort of emulator in order to get the job done. You can fancy your chances to play it on the laptop as well as mobile phone quite comfortably. 

Features of COD: Mobile

  1. You get two classic multiplayer maps which allows you to find different dynamics when you play different matches. 
  2. There are about 50 tiers of free content such as characters, weapons, maps etc. In addition to it, there is more content which can be bought with the help of the premium version. 
  3. Some of the best guns are made available in the updated version of COD. Assault rifle, Razorback, M21 EBR. 
  4. Vehicles such as trucks, cars, motorcycles are readily available with you. With the use of trucks, you get secured and it can fit in many players which is useful when you’re playing a game featuring multiple guys on your side. 
  5. The latest version of the app i.e. COD: Season 4 is out only for the Android users. It’s 2.7 GB in size. 
  6. You get to choose your difficulty level as well. It is better to choose easy level when you’re new to the game. As your experience grows, you can increase the level in terms of difficulty. 

call of duty pc

COD Mobile on PC using Emulator

In order to play cod mobile on your PC, you would be required to install an emulator. Here’s the process which will let you know exactly how you can play Cod mobile on your laptop and believe us when we say that it is quite simple. 

  1. Download Nox Player emulator to your PC. You can go to the website BigNox where it is readily available with different versions. It is better to choose the latest version although you can decide it as per your wants. 
  2. Install Nox Player emulator to your PC. The installation process would require you to agree to the terms and conditions. 
  3. Download the APK of COD mobile through Google Play Store. Play Store is suggested because it is a safe download with this. Along with the APK, download a VPN app as well. 
  4. Install COD mobile to your PC and also the VPN app. Connect your VPN to India server. 
  5. The last step would be to go to Nox Player and run the game. Set your controls as per your wants and enjoy the gameplay which is pretty smooth. 


Q1: Will COD mobile work effectively on the PC as well? 

Yes, the graphics will be as quality as they are on COD mobile. You can enjoy its gameplay to the fullest. This game comes with a very competitive environment so you have to be at your level best in order to compete with your rivals. 

Q2: Should I set the difficulty level low when I play the game on my PC? 

If you’re not used to playing the game on your PC, you can definitely set the standards low in terms of difficulty just in order to get used to the keyboard control. Once it’s set and done, you can increase the difficulty level and have a stiff competition with your rivals. 

Q3: Can I download the latest version of COD mobile i.e. COD mobile: Season 4 to my PC? 

Yes, you can download the latest version as well. Just make sure you install Nox Player beforehand and also download and install a VPN app. 

Q4: Is COD mobile going to run with the help of Nox Player? 

Yes, in fact, that’s the only way you can run the COD mobile app. You will have to use an emulator and there are very few emulators as good as Nox Player. 

Conclusion: Call of Duty for PC

So if you want to play COD mobile on your PC, download the APK along with Nox Player. Make sure you install some VPN as well and you’re ready to go! 

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